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BEYOND ATTRACTION Sdn. Bhd. consists of two plants; the main plant ( above left and centre) primarily involves the initial woodworking processes while the second plant (above right) involves the assembly and finishing processes.




1. Anderson CNC Router

2. Biesse CNC Router

3. Seibu Membrane Paste

4. NC Panel Saw



5. Hot Press

6. 6-feet Long Lathe

7. Hi-tech Edge Bander

8. Double End Machine



 9. Veneer Machineries

10. Sanding Master

and other complementing wood working machineries.



Anderson CNC Router


Anderson CNC Router came with Basic Engrave CAD/CAM program which enables the most meticulous 3D engraving, difficult-to-cut shape and heavy duty job (strong vacuum suction).

This computer-numerical controlled machine can perform numerous operation in one shot (6 tools magazine). Besides, drilling head and horizontal router attachment are also available at this machine.

Beyond Attractioners are interested in subcontracting all kinds of accurate and complex wood cutting using this CNC.






Biesse CNC Router came with 3 router heads, multiple drilling block (horizontal & vertical) and a 2-axis saw attachment.

These accessories allow tremendous reduction of machining time during complex cutting which involves multiple operations (such as sizing, pocketing, slotting, drilling, sawing, etc.).

Besides, the movable suction head reduces the use of jig and thus set up time can be greatly reduced.


Beyond Attraction Sdn. Bhd is a registered private-limited company under Malaysian Government. (Co. No: 309668U)